We don’t have to go far to find the “works” of God. The evidence right in our own bodies points to an infinitely skillful designer.

If you marked ten coins from one to ten and shook them round in your pocket, then pulled out one coin and put it back in your pocket, what is the likelihood that you could do this ten times—always putting each coin back in your pocket—and end up pulling them out in the exact numerical sequence? By mathematical law you have only one chance in ten billion of taking them out in order from one to ten.

Now consider the chances of a stomach, brain, heart, lungs, arteries, veins, kidneys, ears, eyes, and teeth all developing together and beginning to function at the same moment in time.

What is the most reasonable explanation for the design of the human body?

    “Then God said, ‘Let us make man
    in our image, in our likeness,’ . . . SO GOD CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN 
    IMAGE, in the image of God he
    created him; male and female he
    created them.”

    Genesis 1:26, 27.

The first man and woman could not just have happened. The Bible affirms that God designed us in His image. He is the great Engineering Intelligence who thought us up and brought us into being.